Frequently Asked Questions

1. What type of exam AS Online Exam Portal Conducting?

Ans: At Present AS Online Exam Portal is conducting three types of exam.

  1. Practice Exam
  2. Fixed Exam
  3. Manual Exam

2. What type of questions available in AS Online Exam Portal Exams?

Ans: We have four type of question patterns.

  1. Objective Type(Single Choice)
  2. Multiple Choice
  3. True/False
  4. Subjective

But at present AS Online Exam Portal is conducting ONLY Objective Type (Single Choice from Four Options).

3. What is PRACTICE EXAM means?

Ans: This exam has no end date. It will be available for all time after created. You can practice any time. This Exams has also time duration (Ex:150 mins).

4. What is FIXED EXAM means?

Ans: This Exam has a particular date and time to start and it will be end after exam time duration (Ex: 150mins).

5. What is MANUAL EXAM means?

Ans: This Exam has particular start and End date. During this period you can write. This Exams has also time duration (Ex:150 mins).

6. Is registration of exam is required for all exams ?

Ans: Yes

7. After registration is exam will start at the same time?

Ans: It is depend upon exam type.

8. I registered FIXED/MANUAL exam. Where it will be show in my dashboard.

Ans: If Exam started it will be shown in ONGOING EXAM. If exam not started it will be shown in UPCOMING EXAM.

9. Is Exam result will show after completion of exam?

Ans: Yes, But some time we will release results after two or three days for excitement.

10. Can I check my already answered questions?

Ans: Yes.

11. Can I download question papers after exam results in pdf format?

Ans: Yes, You can download and save question paper with answers as a pdf in your device?

12. Is AS Online Exam Portal all exams are free?

Ans: Maximum exams are free. But some exams may be paid with very less amount for maintenance of our Portal.

13. Is registration in portal is required?

Ans: Yes, You to register and set password.

14. What is our username for login?

Ans: Your registered mobile no or mail id.

15. What if I forgot my password?

Ans: You can reset it by entering details given at the time of registration.

16. What if my question/query not available in above questions?

Ans: Feel free to mail us at aseducationacademy@gmail.com